Arab Rubber Expo 2019 to be held october 9-10 in Sharjah, UAE

Arab Rubber Expo 2019 to be held october 9-10 in Sharjah, UAE

The Arab Rubber Expo 2019 will be held October 9-10 in Sharjah, UAE. This trade exposition for Middle Eastern countries will highlight rubber technologies and products; conference and training sessions; publications and consulting; and networking events.

The event will have the profile of its exhibitors based on the following areas

- Natural & Synthetic Rubber

- Rubber Chemicals & Additives

- Rubber Machinery & Testing Equipment

- Latex Chemicals & Technology

- Dipped Latex Products Technology

- Latex Chemicals & Machinery 

- Tyre Technology

- Rubber & Latex Products

- Natural Rubber & Plantation

- Rubber Reclaim & Recycling

- Education & Consultants

Along with the fair, the Arab Expo 2019 also will held a conference, with the following topics:

New Rubber Raw Material and Additives; Curing and Vulcanization of Rubber; Mixing and Compounding; Rubber Reinforcement; Nano Composites; Extrusion & Calendaring; Rubber Mold Design and Molding of Rubber; Rubber Bonding; Rubber Testing and Rheology; Tire Technology; Recycling of Rubber & Tyres; Latex Dipped Products Technology; Industry Regulations

Posters Zone, exhibiting posters with "Rubber Research/Innovations" and "Commercial Technologies" as themes, along with Training Courses that will cover subjects like Rubber Compounding & Processing, Molding, Tyre Technology and Latex Technology completes the event program.


Arab Rubber Expo 2019

October 9-10

Sharjah Expo Center

Sharjah, UAE

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Source: Rubber World Magazine and Rubber Expo

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