Yokohama chosen as original equipment for the Mercedes AMG E-class

Yokohama chosen as original equipment for the Mercedes AMG E-class

Yokohama announced that Mercedes-AMG has selected Yokohama's global flagship “Advan Sport V105” tires as original equipment for its new E 53 4matic+ (ISG installed) series, which includes sedan, station wagon, coupe and cabriolet models.

Yokohama began supplying the tires in June 2018 in two size sets; the 19-inch set includes 245/40ZR19 (98Y) front tires and 275/35ZR19 (100Y) rear tires, and the 20-inch set includes 245/35ZR20 (95Y) front tires and 275/30ZR20 (97Y) rear tires.

The new E-Class 53-series was launched worldwide in summer 2018 and announced in Japan in September 2018. The “Advan Sport V105” is a high-performance tire developed by Yokohama primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The tire delivers excellent driving performance combined with superior comfort and safety characteristics.

The tires being supplied to Mercedes-AMG were jointly developed and bear the automaker’s “MO” mark of approval on the tire sidewall. Under its three-year medium-term management plan, GD2020, launched in February 2018, Yokohama has positioned the expansion of its presence in the premium tire markets as the core goal for its consumer tire business. One of the specific strategies for achieving that goal is the “premium car tire strategy,” which aims to increase use of Yokohama tires as OE on premium cars in Japan and abroad by making Yokohama the tire maker chosen by automakers around the world in recognition of its technologies and quality.

Source: Rubber World Magazine

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